Monday, March 8, 2010

Pancake Manor.. My review.

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So I decided that it was about time I'd posted my very first restaurant review. I have to admit that I do eat out quite often. Whether it is the Milton Maccas or a beautiful, perfectly lighted restaurant on Park rd. I'm always up for a break from slaving in the kitchen.

Originally being invited out on a date night with one of my girlfriends Tish, our intentions were to see the "Paper and the Plane" gig at 299.. well we didn't make it.. lets just say that getting some food at a fun location was more tempting :D.

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Being faithful customers for the past 3 years since moving to Brisvegas, we had agreed on the famous Pancake Manor. It is beautiful! It is a little bit quirky as it is built inside an old church. Definitely had that old and sacred feel to it but still is a fun place to be.

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Being a Friday night, it was busy... Hella busy. There is at least a 30-45 minute wait out the door.

FINALLY after getting in and waiting downstairs at the Knights Bar (that smelled slightly like a dirty mix of drink dregs. We waited patiently to be called out and to be seated upstairs..- after innocently flirting with the cute staff..cmon :)..

Wasn't long until we were seated.. However, it did take the cocky, tired waiter 15 minutes to bring us ONE.. yes only one menu for the two of us, the second never came.. Great service there mate.

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Our one and only menu

We were forgotten again! We waited a further 20 minutes until someone even came near us so we would order our food. Poor Tish was almost starved to death when they came.

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Starving Tish

There was plenty to choose from the extensive menu- Crepes, fresh salads, waffles, grain fed steaks, nachos, wedges and a vast array of superb pancakes, with optional additional toppings.

You can check out the menu for yourself here:

Tish ordered the Beef burger and Short Stack. Not being that hungry, I ordered the Lime Swiss Milk Shake and the Macadamia Madness with butterscotch sauce.

The Swiss Milkshake came first... It was rich and seductively creamy.. I love the strange combo of dairy and citrus.. Miss Tish wasn't a fan.. but that just meant more for me :).

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Swiss Milkshake $3.95

Then the rest came out shortly after.

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Beef Burger $19.95.

The Steak Burger was hearty and definitely filling. Starts with two soft, fresh, toasted buns, tender juicy beef patty, slow roasted capsicums, fresh salad and topped off with a sunny side up egg and garlic butter.

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Short Stack $8.95

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Macadamia Madness $10.95 with Butterscotch Sauce $0.65

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After I put the syrup on.. MMMMmmmmmmmm

There was a rush of texture and wonderful flavours as soon as the pancakes reached my palate. They were light, fluffy with the right amount of density to them. It was almost like the pancake batter was left over night for the flavour of the flour, butter and vanilla to meld, and topped with creamy and silky vanilla ice cream.. it was heaven..

We come back on regular occasions for these, they definitely do not disappoint.

Although the service is inconsistent and perfectly described as sloppy, I still do recommend visiting Pancake Manor.. but PLEASE try and get in when it isn't busy so that you can experience it at it's best :)


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Pancake Manor
18 Charlotte St
Brisbane QLD 4000
(07) 3221 6433



  1. Ahh what a shame about the service, especially when you're hungry it can really seem interminable! The food looks quite good despite that :D

  2. i am always wanting to go to pancake manor but never had the time to! looks fatty good lol. yeah too bad about the servicee..