Monday, March 1, 2010

One of those freaky days....

So, I had just finished watching "I am legend" for the second time- You know the one with Will Smith and the zombies..? I fell asleep straight afterward... I had nightmares of the 'Night Crawlers' - they were jumping all over me and I couldn't get away..

I later woke realising it was a dream.. BUT, could still hear the noises!! Honestly.. I was packing it! I woke up Mr. BB to save me from whatever was making the super loud, screeching noise.. He had no idea as to what it was either!?

After working up the confidence (Grabbing a HUGE vase- the biggest heaviest thing closest to me) to finally look out the window and it was a couple of possums making their mating call! I was embarrassed :(

I bet you are wondering where I am going with this.. Well, you know how you have one of those freaky days and everything just seems a bit weird... Well, I was making some roast capsicum to accompany some chicken kiev and the below is what I found...

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I know what you're thinking- "What the hell is THAT!?". Well, that my friend's is a capsicum with a parasitic twin living inside of it..

Parasitic twins (almost like conjoined twins) occur when a twin embryo begins developing in the uterus, but the pair does not fully separate- or in this case, when it was growing on the plant, two capsicums were meant to be, but this was the result.

Freaky Hey! I had to share it. if it's as rare as it is with humans, then you may not ever see this again.. Enjoy the genetic freak! :D

You can read more about this here:


  1. hahah! I had had peppers with those in it before, but never knew what it funny, and sort of creepy!

  2. I've gotten a few of those myself! ...but I just called them their "babies!" HAHA

  3. Hehe I often find those conjoined twinny things in my capsicum-they always make me think of South Park and their conjoined twins episode! :P

  4. @ C&C- I was really freaked out!? I was wondering if this was the product of genetically modified veg :D

    @CLST- That's a great name for them! That makes me a little less worried about my freak veg now :D

    @ NQN- Ahaha! I LOVE that episode of South Park!!

    Atleast I'm not alone with my findings hehe