Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dulce de Leche made with my New Ronson Slow Cooker

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Some days, I really wonder why I don't think before I spend my money. I absolutely hate buying something only to realise I could have spent it on something else what is 100x better.

For example: Actually paying for my personal mail to be sent from work instead of being busted by the receptionist and paying it in the end anyways. Yeah.. hope you're reading this!!

Lesson learned

Paying for mail = Honest BB (100x better than the below)

Not paying for mail = Receptionist having a kitten over the 55c you should have paid in the first place, and the other one being sour on you because the 2 failed to communicate to each other about the payment and she thinks you still haven't paid..

I do have to add, we are no longer in recession and it is just 55c.. You FAIL!

Anyways back to my story. Last week I was out of cash as it was the weekend before my pay day and I had already spent all of my hard earned cash at spotlight, going crazy over patty pans, various sprinkles and not to forget ribbon. After that, I'd realised Target had a sale on for a 7.5 L Ronson slow cooker, reduced From $89.95 to only $39.95. AHHH!!! How could I have not noticed this!!??

I had set myself a goal this year, I said to myself this IS the year I am going to buy a slow cooker. In past years I would put it off every pay, then it would be summer again- too hot for slow cooked foods. Well, this year WAS the year I would finally get my slow cooker.

After some convincing/bribing with a yummy baked egg toast cups as a hangover cure, Mr. BB went out and purchased one for me. What a keeper :). I broke in my brand new toy as soon as I got it home with my late Dad's braised steak recipe (normally done in an electric frypan).. Just to let you know Daddy, it was substantially improved :D

I've always wanted to try and make dulce de leche on a stove top but never had the patience. Yesterday, instead of working again, I had come across a recipe for it made in a slow cooker. Problem solved!

Put it on before bed time and wake up to indulgent dulce de leche! I guess this brings new meaning to stress free cooking!

Slow Cooker Dulce de Leche

Preparation: 5 Mins
Cooking Time: 8-12 Hours


2x 250 mL cans of condensed milk
Water to cover


1x Slow cooker


Peel of the labels of the cans and place into the bottom of the slow cooker.

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Fill with cold water, enough to cover the cans by 1-2 inches of water

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Set to low and leave overnight (8-12 hrs).

I know what you are thinking, are these are going to explode? I was a bit concerned too, but at you can see here, my little potential hand grenades didn't go off. Please ensure that you let them cool in the pot before removing.. just in case.

I'd left mine for about 12 hours. I eagerly peeled the tops off of my cans and check out the result.. Yum yum!

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Does anyone have any stories about spending their money more wisely?


  1. Well done! :D And what a lovely guy buying you the slow cooker! A keeper indeed :)

  2. glad this worked out well for you. I want to try this, but am a little scared about exploding cans and all that...I bet it's worth it though!

  3. Thanks C&C and NQN.

    I was actually pretty scared as I didn't want it to destroy my crock pot or scald me lol, but apparently as long as you keep them submerged, they will not explode.

    Made sense to me considering that the outer tension of the can would be greater in water rather than air :D

  4. I want to try this! Sounds easy AND delicious!

  5. I have also just bought one!! They are really good, you put it on in the morning and it is almost like someone has dinner ready and waiting for you when you get home!

  6. I absolutely agree with you there! I really didn't know what I could do with the extra time on my hands.

    Best investment EVER!

  7. i'm sooo making this!! i love sweetened condensed milk (i just used it in a recipe today) and i want to make a dulce de leche frosting for it next time :)

  8. Yummo! Gotta love anything containing dulce de leche.


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