Thursday, March 25, 2010

My love hate relationship with late night shopping

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There are a things I absolutely love and absolutely hate about late night shopping.

I love how it is a chance for those who work 9 - 5 to go out and shop at their leisure without the stress about getting back from lunch on time, or whether or not your boss asked for gherkins on their subway, what you forgot to pick up at Woolies for tea.

Things I hate about late night are the gazillions of teeny boppers standing around telling stories about how they let such n such touch their something or other, no seats in the food court after some gross troll pushes you in the line in Hanaichi and mutters "The food is dreadful!".. (well what do you expect for $6.50!) and finally myself not being able to control myself at Robins Kitchen!

I've been meaning to buy a new piping set for quite a while as I only have a junior piping bag and individual plastic tips I'd picked up here and there. I bought the d.line 18 piece piping set for $29.99. What a bargain considering I saw it at House for $39.95.

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I can't wait to put it to the test! I have a great cupcake adventure coming up on the weekend.

Stay posted dear readers!


  1. Hanaichi!! I miss eating their curry at Indro lol...used to eat it so much i got so sick of it!

    that piping set looks pretty awesome! i am suppose to get a set ...but always dont end up getting one. if i do get a nifty set like would be so cool making choux pastry with them - profiteroles or croquembouche!

  2. Haha it's nice to see that someone sees eye to eye with me :).. I LOVE the Japanese curry.

    I tried it out this weekend and it is perfect for what I want to use it for. I reccomend buying a d.line set! Also cheaper at DFO Jindalee.