Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Review on Pizza Miltonio & What happened when I had a craving for anchovies but didn't want to Carb Load

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I've decided that it is time for a career change & tomorrow is my last day at my work. I've just been to another staff member's farewell drinks and I came home a little bit tipsy and with the worst cravings for anchovies. I looked around the cupboard and couldn't even find anything remotely close to them to try and substitute and I didn't want to carb load after eating some wedges as a snack..

Result? Having Miltonio only around the corner on Baroona Rd Milton deliver me 2 large pizzas :).

Since moving to our new house we have become regular customers of this place. The pizza is fantastic! Even our housemate claims that the pizza is better than what he has tried in Italy. I wouldn't go that far, but they do come close.

When the delivery man arrived at the door I pretty much threw my money at him, grabbed the pizzas, slammed the door shut and ran to eat it in bed to watch Iron Chef America :).

The pizzas were thin, but not too thin and have just the right amount of toppings on them. I'd ordered the seafood to combat the anchovies cravings and a BBQ Chicken which is one of my favourites, but I'd ordered that to keep seafood hating Mr. BB at bay when he comes home from his Car Owners Club.

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BBQ Chicken

The seafood pizza had only prawns, clams, anchovies and garlic as a topping. I was a little bit let down from the mini shrimp on the pizza and tiny clams, but the anchovies were sufficent. I didn't get a photo until slightly more sober BB realized that I should blog about this..

I was pretty full after devouring an entire pizza, but I still did sneak a piece of the BBQ chicken. I already knew what it would taste like but I had to have it, it's just sooo tasty.. and I had to ensure that I wasn't telling my readers lies.. :) The toppings were chicken and bbq sauce but they were both great on their own.

I bet you're still wondering about the non-carb-loading? Well here is what happened :)

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No offence to Miltonio, but as tasty as your pizza in it's entirety is, I really didn't want to put on any weight eating this at 9pm at night.

Recommend this Pizzeria!

Shop 17, Centro Shopping Centre
36 Baroona Rd
Milton, QLD
Ph: 07 3368 2144

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  1. Lol - they do make great Pizza!! I work just around the corner from them so we often have "Pizza Fridays" - but my fave is the Super Supreme - I'm just a sucker for pineapple on pizza!! :)